Apart from being available in pretty colors, Bont Skate Laces pack a lot of functionality.

Re-tying skate laces sucks

Having to retie your skate laces again and again is tedious. The reason you need to retie your laces after a short skate is because they stretch and because they can easily slide across one another. Bont Skate Laces have solved both of these problems to help you tie your laces as infrequently as possible. Bont Skate Laces have very little stretch in them and they are coated in a special wax that holds them in place in your skate.

6mm vs 8mm laces

A wider lace prevents lace bite which is where the lace digs into your foot. Bont boot tongues come with padding in the tongue but this is not the case with all boots so you may want to check if your boots have padding in the tongue before ordering 6mm laces. 6mm skate laces are used on figure skates and outdoor recreational skates including girls and women’s skates. 8mm skate laces are usually preferred on ice hockey skates, roller derby skates and inline speed skates and men’s skates. There is no set rule, you may prefer 6mm over 8mm or vice versa.

Skate Lace Lengths

The best way to choose your new skate lace length is to remove the lace in your current roller skates, inline skates , ice skates, short track skates, roller derby skates or figure skates and measure it. Then order the same or similar length lace. If you are ordering new skates, ask the shop what length laces your new skates will come with.

Skate Lace Tip

Bont Skate Laces feature molded tips that resist fraying over time. Made from the material itself, there is no plastic or metal to break or peel off. The lace tips are super durable and easy to use and available in 16 different colors.