Ice hockey skate laces

Ice hockey players understand the importance of having the right gear to optimize their performance on the ice. One of the most crucial elements of that gear is their skate laces. The type, length, and fit of the laces can make a significant difference in a player’s comfort, stability, and overall performance on the ice. In this article, we’ll discuss waxed skate laces, their benefits, the appropriate length, and other essential details that players should know before choosing a pair.


What length ice hockey laces?

The first consideration when selecting skate laces is the length. Ice hockey skates require a different length of laces than other types of skates. The correct length is vital as it affects the fit, comfort, and performance of the skate. Too short laces will make it difficult to tie the skate correctly and put pressure on the ankle. On the other hand, too long laces can cause tripping and looseness.

The most common length for adult ice hockey skate laces is 108 inches, while youth sizes generally use 72-96 inches. Players who prefer extra length can purchase 120-inch laces. The appropriate length varies based on the individual player’s preference, the size of the skate, and the way they tie their laces. Players should test out different lengths to find the one that works best for them.


Why should I use waxed laces?

Waxed laces are a popular choice for ice hockey players due to their many benefits. The wax coating provides added friction, which prevents the laces from slipping, staying tight throughout the game. It also makes them water-resistant, preventing them from becoming heavy and waterlogged during play. The waxed laces have a lower coefficient of friction, which reduces the likelihood of the lace loosening.

The wax coating also adds durability to the laces, extending their lifespan. Wax skate laces resist fraying and shredding, maintaining their shape and appearance. This longevity means that players don’t have to replace their laces as frequently, reducing the overall cost of skate maintenance.

Additionally, waxed laces provide a cleaner look compared to other types of laces. They are sleek and uniform, giving the skate a polished appearance. This professional look is essential for players who want to make a statement on the ice.


How do you know what size hockey skate laces to get?

To determine the correct lace size, players should consider the size of their skates and their lacing style. Generally, adult skates require 108-inch laces, while youth sizes use 72-96 inches. Players can also choose to go up to 120-inch laces if they prefer a longer lace length.

To ensure that the lace size is correct, players should lace up their skates and ensure that the laces are equal in length on both sides. They should also make sure that the lace ends are long enough to tie comfortably but not so long that they dangle and cause tripping hazards. Finally, the laces should be tight enough to provide support and stability but not so tight that they cause discomfort or pain.


Do NHL players lace their skates all the way up?

Yes, NHL players lace their skates all the way up. Lacing up the skates fully is essential to providing the necessary support and stability on the ice. Players use a specific lacing pattern that wraps the laces around the foot and ankle, providing a secure fit. A properly laced skate should provide a snug fit around the foot and ankle, but not so tight that it causes pain or discomfort.

Some players prefer to adjust their lacing style slightly to accommodate their individual preferences. For example, some players may leave the top two eyelets unlaced for added flexibility, while others may lace them tightly for added stability.